James Frazer-Mann South East Asia Blog

South East Asia has become one of my most favourite areas of the world. Philippines and Thailand being the two standout countries I have visited.

One of the most memorable experiences, was in our most recent visit to Bangkok. I had the great pleasure of visiting and assisting at the Pakkred Babies Home Orphanage based in Bangkok.

As photos are not permitted inside. im unable to share visually the experience, so I will try my best to do so verbally.There are over 300 babies and young children in the home. We delivered medical supplies, and some toys. Although government endorsed; there remains a constant need for medicines, volunteers and donations.

Upon our day there, it was apparent to me that the staff their are kind, and enjoy their work. Although compared to here in the UK the facilities seemed stark, and with very little material means. It was very endearing to see the children playing together, all had smiles on their faces. There seems very little awareness of this orphanage and its something, he would like to assist in whatever way James can. You can find their Facebook page here. In this blog I will continue to add content as I travel.


Offically named the ‘Kingdom of Thailand’. It is the worlds 51st largest country with a population of over 66 million people. Historic temples, ancient ruins and architecture. Amazing serene beaches, great weather and friendly people. Theres very little to dislike and remains a firm favorite desitanation for my wife and I. Some of the Places we visited included:


Ko Phra Thong