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Welcome to my travel blog.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel many places. Many people would argue that world travel changes a person in very positive ways, making their vision wider and enrich their creativity.

The next best thing, or for people planning future trips is to read about other traveler’s eye opening experiences.  I thought it would be great to document my experiences in South East Asia and beyond, in hope to deliver some value to others who wanted to go these locations or simply learn more about these countries and their wonderful culture and people.  I look forward to seeing the new blog grow and hearing what readers think about it.  It’s really a pleasure to write about.

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South East Asia

Philippines and Thailand were two of the highlights of my travels.  Both countries had their own unique benefits and things to enjoy.  Bathing elephants and tasting the abundance of cuisine Thailand has to offer was also high on the lists. 

Swimming with whale sharks, Kawasan Falls jungle trek,  and staying on NoaNoa Island were also standout adventures for me in the Philippines. And of course, who could forget the filipino smile everywhere you go!

So take a look round, and hopefully you can pick up some travel tips and get a brief glimpse into what South East Asia has to offer.

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