Ko Phra Thong

Ko Phra Thong

Pehaps a little off the beaten track, a 90 minute long tail boat ride and 30 minute jeep drive and your find a little gem of a place. Golden Buddha Resort.

“Eco” Friendly is the buzz word here, and it certainly is a testament to the natural environment. Monkeys, snakes, birds, butterflies, you name it its here. Its a combination of jungle and beach front. Log cabins are seamless scattered into the background. The owner is french, she visited once, and fell in love with the place that she brought the whole place and resides here with here trio of pugs that follow here every move.

Kho Phrah Thong, and particularly The Golden Buddah Resort was hit very badly by the tsumani, but pleased to say nature has restored the place along with hard work from the local community.

Everything Local

The staff are local, the food is local, and of course so is the nature. Everything about the place is richly
absorbed by the local community. This is what makes a place for me. I don’t like staying somewhere where things are imported or catered for tourists. This is stripped back to how it should be, nature in its raw form.

We stayed for five nights, which I feel was just pefect. The place isnt very big, you can walk round it in about 30 minutes. At night the jungle is deafening with sounds. So bring some ear plugs if your a light sleeper. For me, I loved it. Feeling at one with nature.

Theres not much to do in terms of activities, but thats not what this place is about. Its about chilling out, looking after the local area and the nature. Its definitely a place you can relax and recharge your batteries.

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